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GoPro 3 Way Tripod

KSh 3,499.00
  • Includes 3-Way 2.0 and thumb screw.
  • The integrated ball joint lets you change your camera angle without having to reposition the mount.

GoPro Adventure Kit

Includes The Handler (Floating Hand Grip), Head Strap + QuickClip, and Compact Case.

GoPro Chest Mount

KSh 7,450.00
  • Lightweight, flexible construction balances comfort and performance.
  • Padded and breathable materials stay comfortable during any activity.
  • Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and over heavy winter jackets.
  • Specially designed quick-release buckle lets you get in and out easily—even with gloves on.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Batteries

KSh 12,499.00
  • Advanced 1720mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Includes 2 Enduro Rechargeable Batteries
  • Dual Battery Charger and USB-C cable

GoPro Enduro Rechargeable Battery

KSh 8,950.00
  • Includes 1 Enduro Rechargeable Battery
  • Advanced 1720mAh lithium-ion battery

GoPro Enduro Rechargeable Battery 2-Pack

KSh 12,499.00
  • Key Points:
    • Compatibility
    • Enhancement
    • Versatility
    • Expedited charging
    Product Details:
    • Quantity: 2
    • Capacity: 1720mAh
    • Improvement: 40%
    • Temperature Resilience: 14°F (-10°C)
    • Charging Rate: 13%
    • Inclusion: HERO12/HERO11 Black

GoPro Floating Hand Grip

KSh 7,650.00
GoPro Floating Hand Grip in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan
  • Comfortable
  • Non-slip construction for a secure grip.
  • Versatile and durable
  • Secure single hand grip
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Broad compatibility
  • Ideal for water activities

GoPro Hand Wrist Strap

KSh 9,950.00
  • Includes rotating mount, hand strap and wrist strap.
  • Rotate your camera 360° or flip it up or down without un-mounting.
  • Can be used in and out of the water.
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes.

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

KSh 4,499.00
GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip The GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip is a versatile and official GoPro mount, available in